Rainy Seattle Maternity Family Photos at Olympic Sculpture Park

Many times, a client or wedding guest will remark to me, "A sunny day like today is perfect for photos, eh?!" While you may think that those bluebird days are perfect for your photo session, the truth is we here in the Pacific Northwest actually luck out with cloudy weather pretty frequently. This is not news to anyone who lives in Seattle... ha! On overcast days, the clouds in the sky create a giant, soft light source in the sky, which I would almost choose over a super-sunny day if given the choice any time! 

As much as I do love warm weather and getting my fair share of vitamin D from that big old ball in the sky, the truth is you can still have beautiful portraits if you choose to brave a little stormy weather, within reason, of course! Jessica's family opted to keep our date to hang out at the Olympic Sculpture Park on a slightly chilly day in April. The rain cleared up just in time for our session and we were left with a breeze and weather that was a tad bit chilly. But on the plus side, it was great weather for getting those snuggly family photos I love so much!

Jessica's kiddos are young, so I approached the shoot as a fly on the wall while they explored one of their favorite places along the Seattle waterfront. Like a true Seattle family, they didn't let the weather stop them!