C'mon Team! Creatives Giving Back

Photo by Amber Zbitnoff Photography
Photo by Amber Zbitnoff Photography

Photo by C'mon Team! member, Amber Zbitnoff

So about last week... Many of you may have seen me talking about C'mon Team! on social media or my out-of-office email responses, but I haven't taken a lot of time or space on my blog to talk about it. I'll do my best to do it justice here!

In a roundabout way,C'mon was born out of a photographer group trip to India. A couple of trips to India, actually. I met Caroline, Jayden, and Wyn, my co-founders, back in 2014 on my first trip there... The four of us connected over a deep sense of community and a shared love of people and organizations that are working hard to make a difference in the world.

These three people are always challenging me (whether they know it or not) to do more with more love. They inspire me to create and take action. They share an innate generosity that has been nothing short of inspiring to witness.

After India, the four of us started playing with the idea of creating a movement of people giving back to givers. We knew that there were some pretty incredible nonprofits out there that were in massive need of help when it comes to telling their stories and amplifying their causes. It just so happens that we [and our network of photographer, videographer, and designer friends] happen to tell stories for a living. Why not create a way to connect our creative friends with nonprofits in need of help? So that's what we did. C'mon Team was born.

In short, we connect teams of volunteer creative professionals with non-profits who are in need of a better way to get their message out into the world. This work of digital content creation (and sometimes full website re-design) takes place in the form of four-day events across the USA. We're kind of a pop-up, volunteer-run branding agency.

We're proud to have organized three events so far; our first in LA, one in Nashville, and the latest in Seattle. It's grown into a collective of creatives around the USA that have joined us in these cities to donate their time and talent, and to collaborate in a team setting to tell nonprofits' stories in a dynamic way.

Above: A behind the scenes look at some of the video work we did for three non-profits in the Seattle area. Thank you to our non-profits for blowing us away with your hearts and for being so incredible- City Fruit, Totem Star and Aurora Commons!

My heart swells to think about how much our volunteers achieve when they work together in teams to create something out of nothing in just a couple of days flat. It's so incredible to see an idea turn into reality, and then to surpass your dreams and take shape into something even more beautiful than you imagined.

I could talk forever about our latest event here in Seattle, but I'd like to direct you to the C'mon Team! blog to read through a really great recap there, instead. This has been a big labor of love for us; it's something we work on in our spare time, whenever wedding season allows. Visit the C'mon Team blog to read all about our latest adventure!