Personal: Olympic National Park Travel Photos

For most of us, the events in Orlando last week have been incredibly hard to process on an emotional level. I've wanted to speak up about it, but I'm struggling with how to best do that on a blog that features mostly happy memories and images from joyous occasions like weddings. So instead of posting another wedding or portrait session, I thought it might be a good opportunity to share some personal work from a recent trip my husband and I took to Olympic National Park. In these times of national loss and mourning, it feels right to focus on the light. I encountered feelings of dissonance while working on this set of images color. Maybe it's similar to a songwriter stringing together a sad melody in relation to how they feel. Presenting these moments in black and white are an honest look at how I've been processing the events of this week, while still looking back happily --and with hope and light-- on some good, peaceful times. We'll be back to colorful, vibrant images here real soon. xo olympic national park travel photos