Alma & Jake's Seattle Courthouse Wedding

There are a few things I love about small weddings. Small wedding day photography coverage often begins at the home of the couple, where they're getting ready for the day, so I get to see all the little things that make up the couple's home. I love that couples who do courthouse ceremonies tend to invite only their nearest (like, super nearest) and dearest... often only a handful of people, if any, end up witnessing each event. Being included in that tiny posse is pretty darn special. I love the short ceremonies that happen at the courthouse, and the nerves of the couples as they wait in the hallway to be called in to meet their judge. I pretty much love all of it. Alma and Jake's wedding was no exception. They planned their day well in advance and invited their families from out of town. A note about their families: they had never actually met before, even though Jake and Alma had been together for years! So, just add another cool thing to the list of that day's events and you've got yourself a pretty memorable day. We started out the afternoon at the couple's home, had their first look up on their rooftop, headed to the Olympic Sculpture Park for quick portraits, and darted to the courthouse for the main event. Here are some of my favorites from their day:

seattle courthouse and space needle elopement wedding photos


Congrats, you guys! xoxoxo